My first Seatrout!

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We are talking about the 6th of March 2009 – my birthday. At this day I got my first own fishing rod and reel as a present. Long time ago I felt this “fishing fever” but right now I wanted to test my own equipment. It was seatrout time….

So I convinced Björn and Werner to drive to Weissenhaus immediately. After standing in the cold water of 10 degrease for about one hour not having any strike my motivation dropped. Of course I knew that you do not get a seatrout each day but with my new professional equipment and two professional fishermen on my side….

After two hours I had no feeling in my fingers and I really wanted to stop. Suddenly Werner had his first fish on… “Ok, keep on fishing” I told myself, only one hour left before darkness!

A few minutes later Björn had a good strike and got a nice seatrout. Mmh, I was starting to think what was wrong on my side, same lure, same casting distance, same spot… ok let’s have a look what kind of technique the guys were using…

And then a short hitch on my rod – what was that? Water plants? And another hitch and strike… the rod was bent. Now it was time not to do anything wrong. After a short while I could hold my first seatrout in my hands. It was not the biggest but at least a beautiful fish.

I was so happy, first time being out with my own equipment and catching a nice seatrout after three hours fishing – what a birthday!

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