Fishing fair at Stockholm – March 2018


Fishing fair 2018 – Team Piky travel to Stockholm

Going to the fair, ready steady go…

Filling the suitcases with some clothes – not too many – also the fishing lures have to fit on the flight back to Germany.

Entering the plane, reading the fishing magazine – we are already landed at Stockholm? – renting a car, driving to the hotel,
eating, sleeping and dreaming of nice fishing lures!

We are visiting the fair for 3 days which are ahead of us. “Stockholm’s Fiskemässan” one of the best European fairs
if it comes to predator fishing.

Especially pike anglers and perch anglers are more than welcome.

We are visiting this fair because we like to meet and talk to some friends as well as some guys from the Swedish fishing scene.
Additionally we love to buy custom made lures.

On the way to the “custom made lure builders” a lot of other lures find their way into our bags…

Of course we have taken some pictures for you!

We wish you a good start into the fishing season 2018!

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