One Fishingday in November/ 24.11.13

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Sunday morning, 05.30 a.m., -2 degrees, windpower at this time unknown, yesterdays forecast said north 4-6 m/s. I beliefed this will be a cold day!

The morning started with a small breakfast, fixing the food for the day, loading the thermos flask with a lot of hot coffee and then taking off to pick up my fishingpartner – at 07.00 a.m. we arrived at lake about 1 hour north of Stockholm!

Arriving at the lake, no clouds, light cold north wind, ice at the side of the lake, some would say that’s a problem, I say it’s perfect.

After having prepared the boat, we went through the thin layer of ice by the shore and headed towards the end of the lake where it’s about 1-3 m deep with lots of vegetation on the ground.
We started good with some small pikes and after some castings some big ones took our baits!

We landed 2 good pikes betweem 75-90 cm and a few small ones. Medium sized Jerkbaits and rubberfish was the best so far this day.


We hoped that the sun was going to warm up the water some and get some more movment going but we had the same “okey” fishing the whole day!

As the day passed we went through some good places on the lake and we had some really good fishing hours on some plateaus, where we had some double drills and lots of strikes.

Totally we got up 25 pikes during the day ( all “catch & release” of course ) and lost about the same, overall this was a pretty good fishingday!
4 good pikes over 80 cm and two of these over 90 cm you can’t complain about the result.


It could have been a little bit warmer but as they say –  there is no cold weather only bad clothes…



Hopfully this was not the last trip for the year…


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