It’s always worth going to Denmark for a fishing trip!

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It is the very beginning of March!

The weather is quite unstable and from time to time the temperature drops under
the freeze point.

We put our tackle in the car and drive straight to Sondervik at the west coast of Denmark.

After having arrived we put all of our things in our cottage and start our holidays.


The next morning we discover the area and go for a long walk along the beach.


Thereafter I test a small trout lake just around the corner!
I am buying a ticket for 2 hours.

Armed with my light-tackle spinning rod and a few spinners and spoons I am searching for hungry fish while trying different spots all of the time.

The lake is full of water plants and I could not get one single strike within the first 1,5 hours.

Suddenly a few trouts show up in the middle of the lake. I reel my line in as fast as I can and leave this little bay.

Straightly I go to the place where I have seen the fish.

First cast – a nip!

I can’t strike but full of energy and very concentrated I make the next cast exactly at the same spot and – Strike!

Immediately the trout takes line and jumps out of the water.

With heavy head shakes this trout shows me that she is not ready for
a meet and greet on land.

More runs are following until the net can stop the fight.


Finally the first trout of this holiday lies in front of me!

The following day Sünje, Peter and myself are visiting the Oxriver – put & take lake.

Because of the cold weather we decide to try heavy spinners and deep diving crankbaits in the river system.

After some time I find some fish in one of the deep holes.
I am missing some fish because of a bad hook set before I can land
the first trout of the day.

For the last hour Sünje and Peter decide to fish at the end of the river system.
After having made some casts Peter strikes and lands a nice rainbow trout.

Just a few casts later Sünje had a nice bite behind some stones.
Immediately she casts again to the same spot and… gets another nip!

What the hell – this can’t be the truth!

After having checked the hooks Sünje casts her spinner at the same spot again.
Suddenly she felt a hard strike and she sets the hook perfectly.

Strong runs show that this is a big fish.

A few minutes later Sünje presents a strong brown trout of approx. 3,5 kg!




The following days we are visiting the Oxriver regularly.

You can also highlight these days and name them “arctic char days!”


We are testing a lot of different artificial baits and find out that the chars are very keen on veltic-spinners presented by very slow retrieves.


Now we are on fire and nothing can stop us.






We catch char after char and sometimes a few rainbow trouts –
light-tackle fishing at its best!


One day before we will have to drive back home we decide to fish at a put & tale lake
which is called “Loch neese” and which is very famous for big trouts.


Here we have great success with our spinners as well. Also flies
with mickey-finn colours trick some decent fish.
We have just arrived at the lake when Sünje fights the first big trout of the day and
it shall not be the last one.


Within the the few hours we are catching some trouts around 5 kg.
Moreover we have to notice that some bigger trouts killed our hooks…

„Loch Neese“ is a great lake with a lot of big fish
and we recommend to use strong hooks and strong lines!


Last not least you should not miss to eat Danish hot dogs….

Time passes by and this week comes to an end.

Please keep one thing in mind –

It’s always worth going to Denmark for a fishing trip!

We wish you a good start into the season  – please catch a lot of big fish.

Sünje and Björn

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