Stockholm’s fishing fair – March 2016

The question is:

Are there any crazy fishermen who will fly to Stockholm only to visit this fair?

The answer is:

Yes, there are some!

Making plans, paying for the tickets and the hotel, spending too much money on fishing tackle
as well as returning back home with luggage full of fishing lures –

That is how you can specify our fishing-fair-trip!

This year nearly all members of our team are able to join this trip except for Sünje.


The Friday has been nominated to be the best day at the fair because of less people and because all of the handmade lures from the best Swedish lure makers are still available!


Quickly we get a general idea and we are buying all the things written on our shopping lists.

Köderwand 8

Köderwand 7
Köderwand 6

Köderwand 4
Köderwand 3

Köder Handmade

The first plastic bags have been filled up.

We discuss and talk about fishing pike and seatrout with a lot of guys
from the stands and finally some of the best handmade lures find it’s way into our bags.

Köderwand 2

Just before closing, the tv transmitter „ Kanal Gratis“ shows the final episode of „fly vs. Jerk 7“ on a big screen.

Immediately the area around is crowded and everybody is excited and also the team members themselves want
to know who will be the winner of this event?

After all the „CWC Fishing Team“ is getting the „big-fish-point“ and outperforming their competitors.


This day has been overwhelming and so we get back to our hotel.


Ok, just a short visit at the pizzeria round the corner, eating a pizza,
drinking a few beers before we go to bed.


Sorry, but we can not fall asleep immediately because all of us are constantly asking the following questions to ourselves –

1)      Are those special lures that we have seen tomorrow still available?

2)     Have I chosen the right colour on the custom made lures and will the pikes strike on it?

3)     Do I maybe need some more lures of the same type in different colours?


The next morning we feel the pain in our feet…

nevertheless we have breakfast very early to be in time when the fair opens –
a big hall filled with the best artificial baits!


Köderwand 5

Today we are talking with friends and well known people from the Swedish fishing elite.

For example we may introduce Claas, also known as Mr. Svart Zonker, Stefan Trumstedt
(Trumman from the CWC Fishing Team), Johan Ruhe (Kanal Gratis SE),
the product manager from Abu Garcia and a few more…


Finally we get information about the latest products and techniques from all around the world referring to predator fishing.

There are a lot of test basins but also this year a lot of teams from well-known companies present their
latest systems and lures in a huge fish tank.

In this fish tank you will find pikes, perch, zander, trouts, chars and some other kind of fish and honestly
some of them react on some lures and attack them.


After this event we feel that we will need a break with some burgers and cold drinks 😉


After loading up our human batteries we spend some time to look for the newest generation of fishing boats
as well as GPS and depth-sounder.


We should also highlight the area for fly fishing Niklaus Bauer and Team Vision introduce
the latest generation of pike flies and exclusive tying techniques.

The new “Tails” made of synthetic material are very special and they also proof at „Fly vs. Jerk” that they are very successful.


Fliegenstand, Team Vision


We have found out that you can also learn to be a fishing guide in Sweden and that this job
is also awarded state recognition.

Therefor you will find fishing schools introducing themselves also at this fair.

As a result there are many children as well as teenager who catch up on fishing.


Angelschule 2

Generally speaking it is quite clear that everybody who is totally keen on predator fishing has to visit this fair.

Pike fishing is what this fair is most about but also perch fishing, zander fishing
and seatrout fishing is very common.





In two days you are able to see everything on this fair and so we have not been visiting the fair a third time.
Also, because of our flight leaving today in the afternoon we enjoy a last breakfast in the heart of Stockholm.

Here in the center of Stockholm you will also find a few well-known tackle shops but sadly
all of them are closed on Sundays.

One of these shops I would like to point out because it is the oldest shop in town –
Lundgrens Fiskredskapsfabrik!

Every angler who really loves old tackle should visit Lundgrens!

As always, three days just spin away and so we take our flight back to Hamburg.

Being back home all the nice memories stay in our mind in addition to a big smile
and feelings of happiness while unpacking the big bags of lures….

Die Errungenschaften Björn



Team Piky & Friends

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