21-23.03.2014 – fishing fair at Stockholm/ Sweden – meeting of the predatory fishing elite!

On the 22.03.14 we are starting our trip – fishing fair, here we go!

A little bit tired but in the best mood Fredrik, Werner, Henry and Björn start their first day at the fair.

After having taken the last parking lot around the area of the fair (it really seemed like that) and after having past the endless waiting line at the entrance we faced a whole other world –

We are in a big hall, filled with fishing boats of the latest generation, fly fishing stands, huge basins with living fish and walls full of artificial baits…. As far as the eye can reach!


A few minutes later we welcome our friends from Mojoboats (www.mojoboats.se), Jonas and Robert. Then we started our first tour.


Professional fly tyer exhibit their best flies. Real works of art are made.

We are overwhelmed by these amounts of lures and we are buying well-tried artificial baits which usually you cannot find in Germany. Soon our bags are filled up….

By the way – you should always leave some space in your luggage otherwise it can happen that you will have to send some lures to Germany in an additional shipment… like we have done! 🙂


If somebody really loves handmade Spoons, Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits and Jerkbaits please keep in mind you will have to bring some more money with you! Hand crafted baits have a certain value – that’s for sure!

So you can easily spend 20-50 EUR for a single bait.

Some well-known companies present their latest artificial baits and products in a huge aquarium.

Surprised we are standing in front of the aquarium watching the big pikes, perches, trouts moving around.


Suddenly Klas Hagert / team member of Strike Pro / is presenting a new drop-shot fishing rig –

First cast, a few seconds later… the first trout attacks the small shad…. A few moments later the second trout, the third, the fourth….

If he is using a sharp hook he will be able to catch all of them!

Well done and unbelievable.


You can say that especially pike fishermen find a real paradise. The most well-known Swedish companies producing all kinds of predatory fishing tackle presenting their fishing gear of the newest development. Additionally they hand out advice how and where to fish them.

It does not matter if we are talking about Shads, Pike Flies, Carnkbaits, Spinnerbaits or Jerkaits at this fair you will find what you need.



Time passes by and our first day at the fair will end soon… thank God we have planned to come back tomorrow….


Team Piky

Björn, Werner and Fredrik


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